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Ultra Ordinaire is a group working on the open-source, on sharing models and an objects based on archetypes, through different drawing shapes: technical drawing, assembly, mould (moule), decorative drawings, to allow space and objects evolution, repair and adaptation through time according to their use within specific cultures and shape cultures. Few of these realizations are edited, because the aim is to show the « no market » part of the production.

The group mission is to contribute to a community of shared knowledge/information in which members are invited to reflect on the ethical and community distinction between invention and knowledge, a distinction that safeguards the creativity component of human knowledge.

Ultra Ordinaire is the name of a research group, an offshoot from studio Duffau&Associés. It is a melting-pot of ideals, an experimental den that blends the worlds of design, architecture and business, and takes a gamble on new directions of making, designing and living. The collective is composed of architects and designers, students, economists and technologies experts. The political worries behind Ultra Ordinaire orient the group’s energy and commitment to balance and equilibrium, a legitimate separation between unrestrained general culture and protected inventions that demand equal consideration.



9 bis rue de la Colombette
F - 31 000 Toulouse
phone +33 (0)5 61 32 64 09
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