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Ad Lib has been designed by Ultra Ordinaire within the workshop Making@Polimi in Milano which took place, mainly, to explore the relation between design, digital fabrication and self-production promoted by the design department of Politecnico of Milano. Using triangular or hexagonal shapes, several objects, strong and flexible,are given life to.They take place in everyday life as bowls or lamps adapted to each one longings and needs.

07_PAGE_ADLIB_03 07_PAGE_ADLIB_02 07_PAGE_ADLIB_01   07_PAGE_ADLIB_04 © Photos Yoann Gozard


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to download assembly guide, please click on this link


Design Nathalie Bruyère, Pierre Duffau, Irina Pentecouteau, Cécile Laporte, Woodskin РExhibition Maker faire de Rome et Paris

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