All of the articles that are used on a routine basis in our everyday lives, integrate a
function dictated by industry. This function is often transformed into a way of life in
our microcosm.At the time of writing, many users express the desire to contribute to the
design and production of articles that best adapt to their specific choice of life-style.
The studio organized a seminar in which a 3D Reprap printer and other every day articles
were constructed.

The first workshop was held between October 7th and 9th 2011 in Toulouse,
in the Bonnefoy showroom;
members of the collective exhibition Usinette.org
took part and the main objective was the construction of a 3D RepRap Mendel printer.
This printer then allowed the production of articles invented by the group during the
following weekend. The collection of the products from the workshops was presented at the 
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art ‚Äėde Abattoirs de
during the event Toulouse Numérique held between October 20th and 23rd 2011.
The workshop was supported by the Festival des Savoirs Partagé de la Novela 2011.
Project coordinated by:
Nathalie Bruy√®re¬†‚Äď designer ‚Äď
and¬†Mireille Bruy√®re¬†‚Äď economist Universit√© de Toulouse 2, laboratoire CERTOP-CNRS
Usinette.org : Ursula Gastfall & Alexandre Korber
Designer: Claudia Raimondo, Philippe Casens Photographs: Nathalie Bruyère, Giacomo Giannini, assistant Riccardo Pascusso
Illustrations: Charlotte Martin

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