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The Liquid Block research has been done by austrian designer Maria Christina Hamel, through dialogue and active cooperation of FabLabs and europeans Makerspaces networks : A+B Design, Ultra Ordinaire (C√©cile Laporte, Irina Pentecouteau) et Artilect at Toulouse (France), Arquima√Īa et Espacio Open at Pays Basque (Spain), Maria Christina Hamel et Moi Cugino at Milan (Italia).

These new production techniques have been carefully applied¬†to develop original symbols, shapes and textures for the three classicalitems that epitomize table accessories ‚Äď the plate, the bowl and the¬†cup.¬†The experimental processes used in Liquid Bloc are doing battle
with the traditional design cultures such as fashion and struggle as source of social recognition.¬†The objective was to create useful resources by innovating through¬†quality production, links with the different platforms of European knowhow,¬†experimentation and the construction of a professional network.¬†Nathalie Bruy√®re & Pierre Duffau, designers with Ultra Ordinaire¬†‚Äď assisted in this research project by Maria Christina Hamel ‚Äď explained¬†the meaning behind their studies: ‚ÄúWe want to live with our work, we¬†want to invent useful resources and create something that improves the¬†recognition of our work and our skills; we want to promote a society¬†in which knowledge is shared, know-how free to spread and circulate.¬†There is no point in creating relative added value or a form of exchange¬†that leads to wasteful over-production; manufacturing across the world¬†has reached such high levels of productivity that its output creates and¬†transfers more than is necessary for everyday life.”



© Photos Yoann Gozard


¬© Photos¬†Arquima√Īa

Design¬†Nathalie Bruy√®re, Pierre Duffau,¬†Irina Pentecouteau, C√©cile Laporte¬†– Participation of¬†ArquimanŐÉa e Espacio Open Maria Christina Hamel e Mio Cugino,¬†A+B Design, Ultra Ordinaire e Artilect¬†– Exhibition¬†Exhibition BlaBla, Maker faire de Rome et Paris

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