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At the end of the summer 2013, Nathalie et Mireille Bruy√®re, designer and economist, start doing a project about the object and know-how re-appropriation, and particularly about embroidery. This project includes the printer 3D fabrication with Usinette’s help to build these objects.
Charlotte Martin, draws the contexts in a BD. Claudia Raimondo and Giacomo Gannini, as well as Philippe Casens are following the workshop. It’s the opportunity to finish some writings about this thematic, and to regroup on this work others writings already current, as ones of Pierre Duffau architect. Luisa Castiglioni and Massimo Banzi help us for the preface.
Born in 2011 : ‚ÄúShare : for architecture and design within the economics of sharing‚ÄĚ, typeset by Perrine Saint Pierre of Typomorpho. Patrick Bouchain and Bernard Stiegler read our book and encourage us in this work. Nathalie Bruy√®re, design teacher at isdaT, leads a research project about Global Tools no-school (1974). Ugo La Pietra taking note of the “share” book and the pedagogy work within isdaT, passes a part of archives on to her. In this way, Nathalie Bruy√®re, sees to interview Andrea Branzi, Alessandro Mendini, Giannini Pettena, Gaetano Pesce and La Pietra, of course. Then, Franco Raggi takes part on research of companies about evolution, from this time up to now.
The Blabla exhibition, organized by Alessandro Mendini, happens and this is the occasion to create, with Snootlab and isdaT (Pol Perez and Th√©o de la Horgue of GMEA, Charly Aubry) the Play-communs game. The first database is issued from this game, the website is built up bit by bit with the help of C√©cile Laporte and Irina Pentecouteau. The next year Ultra-Ordinaire is selected to participate at Hakaton of Opendot and Valcucine, as well as that Polimi’s. The agency Duffau & associ√©s, founded by Nathalie Bruy√®re and Pierre Duffau, that financially supports and accommodates it in its office, creates the association to open on a more large scale, according to collaborations and the territory. A more important point: organize a global viable project, to show that sharing society can be a model to plan tomorrow’s environment.


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