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The encyclopedia of gesture from artisanal know-how of Latino-American weavers proposes an access to experience. The technical knowledge but also the one of culture and representation of these countries allow this access.

Here, design is the baton-relay between diverse production methods, territories and persons. Following a four month study trip through the Latino American lands, work and life artisans build documentation full of stories, images, writings, drawings, artisan worries, and parts of their life.

The artisan know-how is a record alive of ancestral culture surviving in a society full of cash crop’s objects.

The patterns employed in weaving draw the artisans’ stories and values. This is the diversity and richness that are present in this encyclopedia of gesture closing the book.

By way of a customizable furniture collection mixing wood and weaving, the idea is to transmit the know-how of these artisans. A stool and a book as a learning and a knowledge sharing way are the opus presented here.

A database fed by files of construction of stool structure and by the customizable and fixable ways is the important point of the project. Kit’s elements include legs and a weaving loom as textile creation‚Äôs frame. There is a models guide who proposes choices, and users can improve or adapt these models. (Choosing different materials)

Tejido is one of Ultra Ordinaire’s projects as part of a study trip of C√©cile Laporte and Irina Pentecouteau.

07_PAGE_TEJIDO_01bisRoberto Puca, Humahuaca, Argentine

07_PAGE_TEJIDO_02Isidora Amarilla, Carapegua, Paraguay

07_PAGE_TEJIDO_04BISBoth of weaving loom, traditional weaving loom and spanish weaving loom

07_PAGE_TEJIDO_05 Belt, patterns with several colors, Pérou and blanket, geometric patterns, Argentine

Weaved seat put up on the legs

Design Irina Pentecouteau, Cécile Laporte  Participation of Nathalie Bruyère, Pierre Duffau

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